Rural Living Handout

When people move from the cities or suburbia into our rural communities we have two choices:

   1:   Leave them alone, hope they don't cause trouble, then complain when they do.

   2:    Make them welcome, and help them learn to appreciate and adopt rural culture and values.

In support of the latter option I have created an attractive and friendly handout with plenty of information to help our new neighbors get started on the right foot.

Click here to view the handout (a pdf file), or right-click to save it on your own computer:

Practical Tips for Living in a...
Country Community
Rural Culture - Rural Roads - Rural Resources
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Permission to Distribute, and Restrictions:

Please freely download the "Country Community" brochure (RuralHandout.pdf, above) and e-mail it as an attachment to your friends and neighbors.

If someone has just moved into your neighborhood, stop by to meet them and introduce yourself. Bring a batch of cookies or some home-grown vegetables and a copy of the "Country Community" brochure. You can print one on your own printer. (Staple it together so the middle pages face each other, and the front and back pages face outward.)El Cajon Valley as seen from the peak of Iron Mountain

If you are a realtor, developer, municipality, or other organization, I encourage you to print as many as you need (with credits and copyright intact, of course) and hand them out to your clients who are house shopping or have moved to rural or semi-rural areas.

They are designed for 4-color printing, on white 11x17 stock, folded in the middle to form a fold-open brochure. There is a space on the back page for you to write or stamp your name and phone number ("This copy has been made available by: "). If you will be having them professionally printed, please request the version with higher-resolution photos (about 7 MB), which I can FTP directly to you printer, at no charge.

Customized brochures are available for your organization - your colors, photos of your area, local information, etc. Contact Linda Eskin at Granite Hills Design for a quote. Custom brochures can be printed (order must meet a minimum quantity), or delivered as digital artwork which you can take to a printer locally.

To use excerpts in newsletters, magazine articles, or other publications, contact Linda Eskin at Granite Hills Design.

The credits and copyright infomation included in the brochure reads as follows:

This document was produced by Linda Eskin of Granite Hills Design, with the kind assistance of people on Equine-L, an online community of horsepeople who treasure their increasingly threatened rural lifestyles.

Copyright 2002 © Linda Eskin. May be distributed or reprinted only in its entirety, (all four pages), with this text included, at no charge to the recipient, as a public service. For any other use, or to order customized versions for your community or organization, or for a higher-resolution version for printing, contact or visit

Any derivative works are prohibited (that is, do not cut and paste to create your own version from my work).

The back page of the brochure includes some web sites with more information. Here are those links, for your convenience.

Resources for Rural Living:

Your County Agricultural Extension Office will have good information on local soil conditions, weather. planting advice, and so on.

     (Each of the links below will open in a new window, so that you do not lose your place here.)

Excellent books on growing vegetables, raising animals, building sheds, and every other country skill:

Good-neighbor lighting guidelines see:

Info and books on draft animals visit:

Farmland conservation information:

A wealth of trails infomation:

Resources for preserving dirt roads:

Gardening books and information:

Landscaping with native plants:

Info on many breeds of livestock:

Enjoying backyard astronomy:

Noxious, invasive weed information:

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If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact me.

Thank you,

Linda Eskin

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