Linda Eskin is a writer, designer, and programmer specializing in user interface (UI) design, product design from the user's perspective, and clear, easy-to-read, audience-appropriate documentation.Yep, that's me.

Her UI experience includes designing and implementing the user interfaces for IntelliCAD, a large, commercial CAD system, set of computer games, and several proprietary software packages.

Writing projects have ranged from software & hardware documentation, to literature for Backcountry Horsemen of California, to marketing materials, to news articles.

Tools used include Microsoft's Visual software development environments (C/C++, Visual Basic), Java, SourceSafe, Adobe Photoshop, GoLive, Illustrator, and PageMaker, plus the usual Microsoft Office suite, and too many specialized programs to list.

Her goal in user interface design is to create a product that does not force the user to refer to a manual. In documentation, the goal is to produce a guide or manual so easy to follow that the user will not need to call your technical support line. Not always possible, of course, but that is the ideal.

While Granite Hills Design is located in Eastern San Diego County, Linda regularly works with clients around the country via the Internet.

In addition to work for clients, she is writing an introductory textbook on object-oriented programming - in friendly, informal English - non-technical, and code-free, using common real-life examples to illustrate the logic (and only *then* the vocabulary) of approaching problems, designing solutions, and generally thinking like a programmer.







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