"Good usability helps to make difficult tasks simple. Visio IntelliCAD provides an excellent example of how even complex functions can be made approachable with a well-implemented interface."
"Simplicity and a high standard of interface design combine to make IntelliCAD a worthy winner in this category."
I am delighted to tell you that IntelliCAD was recognized for Excellence in Usability by PC Magazine, via their Technical Innovation Awards (TINAs) for 1998.

One of my biggest frustrations with AutoCAD had been that it was difficult to learn. I am an experienced drafter, and have used many drawing programs, but the first time I tried to use AutoCAD I spent an entire lunch hour trying to figure out how to start a new drawing and draw a line (in Release 12).

Nothing should be that hard to figure out.

My motivation in working on the IntelliCAD project was to help people use a very complex, powerful package without feeling intimidated or incapable. This award, plus feedback from testers and customers, confirms that we achieved that goal.

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